Arizona Probation, Parole, and Corrections Association (APPCA)

Regardless of your assignment within the Arizona Criminal Justice System, there are many reasons for joining APPCA, Arizona’s professional associations for corrections employees.  Other fields have professional associations for example, the American Medical Associations is the single most influential association for medical doctors or  the American Psychological Association is the association to join if you are a Psychologist.

Did you know that when you join APPCA you are also joining the American Correctional Association (ACA), which is a powerful voice for corrections-related policy and issues  in the nation? ACA and APPCA have enjoyed a dual membership for many years.  APPCA members receive many valuable ACA benefits, such as subscription to Corrections Today, the ACA’s monthly magazine.

But most important for you — the Arizona corrections professional, APPCA can help you.

Benefits of Membership

Make contacts—both inside the profession, and in other agencies in the state
If you want to be known as a professional, you need to be known by other professionals. APPCA members are viewed as the movers and shakers respected as knowledgeable employees who are willing to take initiative and step outside of the nine dots.

Access training to develop and hone your skills — through APPCA and ACA.
The field of corrections is an ever-changing one. To stay current, you need to continually review trends and assimilate new information. APPCA memberships allows you the opportunity to attend annual APPCA training conferences at a discounted rate. ACA also regularly offers scholarship opportunities for one member to attend the ACA conference. All tuition, travel, housing, and per diem is paid by ACA.

Career development within the corrections field
In order to grow professionally you need to understand where your job fits in the continuum of the criminal justice system. Through people you will meet at APPCA you learn about other criminal justice agencies and how those agencies work. You can be on a first-name basis with administrators, parole officers, managers, agency heads, and your peers. You can develop contacts in every criminal justice agency in Arizona, who can help you when you need to get something done that involves both agencies or simply need information. Your APPCA contacts will cross Division lines and agency lines, but most importantly, they are developed in a relaxed atmosphere of camaraderie where you will find mutual respect and support.

Dual chapter membership benefits
Your membership includes an annual subscription to both Corrections Today magazine and On the Line, which is ACA’s newsletter. Publications from ACA’s extensive catalog are discounted to members.